Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Obviously we got very excited by the idea that the Mushroom Kingdom had finally arrived at our house....Mr M being the 'Mario KING' he is! I posted this over on my 360 blog yesterday but was actually looking today on the net for what the real name of this thing was *we have a habit of naming ODD things round these parts* LOL!
Also found some 'shaggy mane' mushrooms on a walk yesterday....Mr M didn't think those were as cool though. Guess I shouldn't tell them the 'inky' truth about those?
Considering the fact that 1 out of 100 mushrooms can poison you....I think we'll pass on cooking the buggers up. I'll stick with market bought *I can hear the boos and hissing from Naturalist and Man vs Wild now*
Mr M held his stick in the case of fungal attacks! *insert Mario theme song*
Guess its the 'shroooom' season?
Have a good one...enjoy the weather! *its 70 here during the day and 50's at night*

Friday, September 19, 2008

Not before coffee, thank you!

*actual pic of a serving for Mr M*
It IS a lovely shade of GREEN isn't it??? Mr M has requested that Friday's be 'Spinach for lunch' days. *gulp* And so the prep begins at 6am by filling the small thermos with hot water to pre-heat. Opening the can of spinach (yep..he only likes the canned kind) and warming it up to pack for his lunch. Other items in his lunch....cinnamon poptarts, some kinda crackers and apple juice. (ewwwwwww!)
Hey..its nutrition. Just have to get past the smell! His spinach 'liking' started about 3 years ago when he was playing a game and saw Popeye eat spinach. As we wandered through the supermarket that week, I showed him Popeye's canned spinach on the shelf. He agreed to TRY it....and so it stuck! (strange how he decides to eat very specific foods)
I AM having an 'issue' with the Poptart ppl right now. Their 16 family packs are featuring NFL teams plastered on WHITE icing. Anyone who eats the frosted cinnamon poptarts knows the normal color is tan....and so I cannot buy the 'better bargain' until they get off this 'kick'. Mr M refuses to eat them for fear they will taste different (long standing visual issue with CHANGE to foods). I prepare for my day off today, I still have the obnoxious odor of spinach in my nose. I'm thinking of Fridays with dread....maybe a change from PJ's and sweats to another, more protective outfit...


Have a great weekend!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Second Verse, Same as the First

Not much changed this week in school for Mr M...he still has the same 'complaints'. I know he CAN advocate to some teachers on what going on...but others have a past history of 'poo poo-ing' off what he says. Yes...we would all love to have the coping skills to deal with continual verbal crap from someone else....but lets be real here....I sometimes have trouble with that one! *insert trout slaps for when I didn't hold my tongue*
Given the problem he is solution (or current option) is to email the case manager and hope he passes on what I am saying. The fact that the Special Ed teacher is not even staying to make sure 2 special ed kids are doing ok is not right to begin with...secondly..this kiddo has cause problems in the past with Mr M. Yes, its all verbal (at the moment), but I feel a storm brewing....and Mr M may get frustrated enough to take it to the next level. Doesn't happen often...but when it does...look out!
I also am feeling the need to either meet a few reg ed teachers...or make some phone calls. I know Mr M has study skills class last period and does a majority of his work then....but I don't want him to fall behind or mismanage a larger project that they may be working on. No organizational skills often means missed or incomplete projects. For Mr R...we had the reg ed teachers forward any upcoming projects to his study hall teachers. She helped him to break the assignment down into 'workable' parts.....and set goals for completion. This was very effective....and I'm thinking of suggesting it to Mr M's team.
Anyway...I'm feeling a distinct 'here we go again' about school this year for Mr M. With the social pieces as well as the work level of 10thgrade.
Hope everyone has a great weekend and all are safe from the current hurricane and its affects. We're in for cool temps and showers....just normal stuff for this time of year here in the north.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Anxiety of turning 18...Selective Service

This past June we had the most JOYOUS occasion to celebrate the graduation of my middle son, Mr R. After struggling for years to get a decent education...he managed to pull off what even I had doubts about. Sure, there are things I KNOW he did not accomplish (and the schools passed him anyway)...but basically he knows what he needs to know to move on with his life.
Mr R actually turned 18 in the beginning of his Senior year....and thankfully he had the brains to stay in school and finish (unlike some who turn 18). I'm VERY proud of this kiddo!
Selective Service was one of THOSE issues for us. We knew by Law he had to register...but I'll be slapped if I would allow him to register BEFORE finishing school. So we waited....and he just register this past month. TONS of anxiety with this lil process. He's functional enough that he HAS to....and functional enough that he realizes what it means. I did a bit of checking to see if someone with a dx of mental health disorders has to...guess what...YEPPERS!
found this article on
Question: Must Autistic Teens Register for Selective Service?
Parents may feel that their son with an autism spectrum diagnosis should be exempt from the American military, and from selective service registration. But it's not that easy.
Answer: Unless a young man is institutionalized, homebound, or "in such a physical or mental condition that he would not comprehend the nature of his registration with the Selective Service System," he is required to register with Selective Service. Here is how the military discusses the issue:
Virtually all men must register with Selective Service. The exceptions to this rule are very few and include: nonimmigrant aliens on student, visitor, tourist, or diplomatic visas, men on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces, and cadets and midshipmen in the Service Academies and certain other U.S. military colleges. All other men must register upon reaching age 18 (or before age 26, if entering and taking up residence in the U.S. when already older than 18).
Disabled men, clergymen, and men who believe themselves to be conscientiously opposed to war must register because there is no draft in effect, nor is there a program to classify men at this time. Should the Congress and the President reinstate a draft, a classification program would begin. Registrants would be examined to determine suitability for military service, and they would also have ample time to claim exemptions, deferments, or postponements. To be inducted, men would have to meet the physical, mental, and administrative standards established by the military services. Local Boards would meet in every American community to determine exemptions and deferments for clergymen, ministerial students, and men who file claims for reclassification as conscientious objectors.
The only process now in effect is that men between the ages of 18 and 26 register with Selective Service and keep their registration record current during that period. Neither the Military Selective Service Act nor the Presidential proclamation provide an exemption from registration because of a man's mental or physical condition unless Selective Service is provided with documented evidence that the man is hospitalized or institutionalized, home-bound and unable to function outside the home, with or without physical assistance, or is in such a physical or mental condition that he would not comprehend the nature of his registration with the Selective Service System. A determination is then made by Selective Service as to whether or not the man qualifies for exemption from registration.
Explaining this to Mr R was a long process...but I think he understands the gist of it. His thoughts, of course, ran to the extreme (as those with OCD and anxiety do)....about the War and 'coming home in a body bag'. Makes a parent extremely anxious too...when put that way.
I suppose when its time, Mr M will have to do this to. Although, I do not really feel he will understand ANY of the process. *shrugs*
Anyone else have to deal with this? What did you all do? Did your child register? Mr R has been beating back the onslaught of recruiters since Junior year...he gets HIGHLY emotional when he gets calls from I intervene. He ditched every single piece of mail that comes from them....and refuses to speak to them on the phone.
I, being a Veteran myself, certainly understand civic duty....but I think there needs to be more options for those with special mental health concerns.
PS...happy MOANDAY! :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

First week is over!

Well...first week of school for Mr M is over...without too many 'issues'. I suppose the new wake up time is probably his biggest transition (as well for me!) Again this year he's 50% mainstreamed in Reg education classes. His biggest 'peeve'...he says the first day of school:

Mr M: "I have that 'news' thing to do again for History class this year, every day!"
Mom: "Current events?"
Mr M: "Whatever you want to call it, yea...that stuff"

*shrugs* Mr M has no interest in what's going on in the real this is not easy for him. Every night we scan the newspaper looking for something for him to relate to. So far we've covered the closing of the State Fair (he loves reading the stats), a picture with a caption of the National convention (Rep and Dem mascots riding Segways *sp?*), and a gardening article about White Oaks (he loved the fall picture). Finding that he can take more interest in reading the article if it has some kind of picture with it (visual skills are his strongest asset, of course). Anyway..hopefully as with other things he will get used to the idea of the assignment.

Other stuff...PCA will return next week at least 2 days a week after school. I think this will bring back some 'norm' for him as he had her 3 days a week during the summer. She too return to school (she's a para at another school) for Autistic students.

Ahhh Sophomore wonders what other things that will bring to the mix this year Picture day is Tuesday...boy, they really don't wait long do they?

Been busy with work and kinda been 'nesting' lately. Maybe its the change in temp....but feel like getting some house stuff done before winter hits. Also, lots of paperwork and phone calls to make up for the last few weeks of not doing much but 'relaxing'. Pre-wedding and post wedding 'whew's*.....time to get back into the swing of it, I suppose.

Some Frugal Friday stuff (from my other blog) that got away from me yesterday:
*** certain KMart stores are offering double coupon deals from 9/4 to 9/8. *gee..double coupons USED to be everywhere* Call your local Kmart to see if they are participating.
*** Great deal at Target this past week (good thru 9/6). Buy 4 products (I stocked up on poptarts and cheezits) and get an INSTANT $5 gift card at the register. YES, coupons are also accepted. GREAT deal for someone like me who buys these things every other day (Mr M's foods of the month issues)
*** Also heard 'thru the grapevine' some of the Dollar stores are having 90% off certain items (toys, stuffed animals bookmarks, DVD's etc) This started the last week in August so there might not be much left at this point. Perfect for those who are looking for early stocking stuffers or 'care packages' type things.

Have a great weekend. (I'm working again today). Will try to make some BLOGGY rounds tomorrow *day off!*

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