Sunday, August 31, 2008

Life in Rewind...but catching up!

Hey all!
Haven't completely fallen off the earth....just needed some time to get through some difficult things in life. It's been awhile since I've been here, but hope to get back to normal soon. (yea...normal is a stranger to me, anyway!)
Lots of things have happened since January (last post) eldest son moved in with us so that he could get HIS life straightened out. Oh boy...that didn't go so well. But a parent is a matter what age they are, you try to give them all the help you can and still let them steer their own course. *shrugs* As of June, he only pops in and out now...which has left us with great sighs of relief. Tough love is not easy....but closure is necessary.
In June, Mr R graduated (hears a chorus of something singing!) YAY! He's still working at the grocery store and doing well. He's looking to move on from there, but we still don't have his license (which kind keeps where he can work, limited). Our problem is we don't have a car he can drive to get the license (we all drive sticks...he can't manage it!). Hoping this fall will bring some solutions to that problem. In the interm....he's doing well and happy NOT to be going to school this September. His plan is to work a bit in different fields to see what he really wants to do before checking out Tech schools etc. Wise plan in my book....too many jump into college with no knowledge of what they actually want to study. Hmmm...he's a planner like moi? LOL!
June through kicked into home repair mode. Homeowner insurance decided we needed to get things 'fixed up' at the ole farm. Ehm! So we did what other with old farms do....we did it ourselves. At our age....this was a real task. Roofing, painting, and new deck railings....oh ouch (my aching bones). NOT recommended for us middle age folks...but its done! Looks great!
Back in dearest love (been together for about 8 years now) asked me to marry him! We decided it was time.....and wanted to make sure the kiddos wouldn't lose any of their services (waivers, pca etc)....and got the go ahead. Only insurance will change is mine. plans went underway. DIY style! (huge task) We always wanted to get married at the Renaissance Festival (which is kinda how we met) but didn't want the kids to have to endure the issues of the 'rules' of the one here. We decided to do a Medieval/Renaissance wedding here at the house. From costumes, food , decor and officiant....plans were furiously being made.
August 16, 2008, the King and I married. What a beautiful day....what precious memories we will have forever.
And so...with September around the corner. ONE child returning to school (my sophomore, Mr M). My job will begin picking up pace (all hail the influx of Halloween cards and crap)...and preparing for the pre-Christmas set ups.
Alot of staffing changes coming for Mr M.....some of which may be very difficult for him. We've been extremely lucky with all our Autism services....but we all know at some point staff may decide to leave for bigger/better pastures. We are grateful for the time they give our family and wish them all the best. Our challenge is coming....adjusting him to new ppl and rebuilding the 'trust' he had with his old staff. School is starting as teachers, old 'nasty' bullies, new friends.....and new topics of study. *takes a deep breath* BUT....I will only have ONE IEP to deal with from now on (ohhhhhh doing the happy dance on that account)!!!!!
Anyway...will try to keep up with blogging. I miss reading everyone's news...and hope to catch up soon.
Till then,