Monday, October 25, 2010

No..we haven't completely fallen off the planet...just been busy. Another fall in full swing here in the wilds and soon we'll be hiding like chipmunks till Spring.
Final high school year for Mr M...and so far its uneventful *thank goodness*. Last year was not good 'socially' for him. The concept of 'vulnerable' person was made evident as he fell victim to some teenagers playing mind games. His heart was broken when he was 'cut off' and did not understand the 'game'. He's very guarded this year with sharing anything about his life. Can't blame him...I would do the same if I were in his shoes. Girls are a hot topic again and is having a hard time with meeting girls that can accept him. Grades are not so good this first term...difficultly in his majors due to the reading comprehension issues I suppose. He decided to take American Sign Language as an elective. He's worried they are going too fast but so far I've not had any reports from the teacher of him falling behind. I reminded him that he knew quite a few signs when he was about 4 years old. We used sign in conjunction with speech thinking it would increase his ability to verbalize...we slowly dropped the signing due to his learning to speak quickly after starting ABA and speech therapy. Now we can't get him to quiet much for worries on that end (and the Dr's saying he would never speak)!
Mr R is still working at the job he got in 2008. He's making new friends at a local gaming site and learning to interact with folks at work. I'm SO proud of this kiddo for continuing to stay focus on work. I know at his age many guys just can't deal with the pressures of working and socializing. Still working on that drivers license...but he's ok with that. His 21st birthday is the day before Mr M turns 18.....two big birthdays in two days. Two amazing young men in my book.
The King and I are doing well...both working and loving life together. Both hoping that this year continues without any major 'crisis' on the homefront. *chuckles a bit* The normal is probably NOT so normal to most people but around here life moves in fast have to take time to catch up or you are missing a few bits. Lots of notes to each other and our nightly phone calls *we work different shifts*....we look forward to spending weekends together with each other and family.
Hoping to check in now and then...should life permit me to . Work is about to spring into 'seasonal' high gear (work for a major greeting card company) for me along with the birthday/holiday rush. Will check in and catch up on readings some more blogs soon.