Friday, January 11, 2008

Not quite back yet...

Nope...haven't completely left the blogging world...just juggling a few new things in life. After the back issues in August, I've been busy seeking new employment that doesn't involve lifting 100-200 lb ppl every day (nursing field). I found a new job at the beginning of December for a major Card/gift wrap retailer....very major company. I'm the retail merchandiser for a local store for this company...and am LOVING the change. Not only do the hours work for me (and the boys schedule) but I'm covered in 'glitter' versus other things *grin*.

Life is moving in fast fwd....not sure where the entire month of December went. Guess that's less month of winter to get through *thinking positive aren't we* What did happen in December?

New job, new grandchild (girl...4 lbs 11oz) to go along with the other 2 grandaughters! (how many princess's does that make, btw ; ) Eldest is deep into issues....helping him stay focused so that he can get this mess straightened out (soon hopefully). My two Princes at home....Mr R is still learning to drive....and working his job at the local market. He also made A honor roll first quarter (whether or not the school allows kids with IEP's to be on it..PPPFTT). A 3.58 grade average is NOTHING to ignore *trout slaps for some schools*. Mr M is busy with his latest obsessions...Insaniquarium for PC, his new DS lite and driving Mom insane with his 'need to have a plan' ways. His IEP came up before Christmas....I sent it back 'denied'....I am done playing! *steam*

Learning to time manage here with the job, kids appts and social schedules. I'm loving it all...and am not complaining about much lately. I don't have time to post alot....but that will all fall into place (as the holiday rush slows). Valentine's stuff is my latest product...OH boy the GLITTER! LOL! hoping to find a bit more time for keeping up with everyone. Thank you for your kind comments and emails.

As always...