Thursday, May 14, 2009

He-man and the school ring

Well...Mr M finally has his school ring. All year he has looked forward to the time when rings would be ordered. I looked at it as "gee...I hope he brings the paperwork home this time". A year ago he took it upon himself to fill out his yearbook order to the tune of over $75. He got all the 'extras' and informed me the bill would be sent to the house. *how lovely* I went online the next day and downsized his order to a simple version with his name on it...cost $42. Much easier to digest, I think.

The whole school ring in sophomore year is new to me anyway. We used to get them in our Junior year (but alas, I'm showing my age again). :) We met with the 'ring guy' and he selected his style (with Mom's guidance codes on pricing) and then chose his 'extras'. His name (he loves his name), a Peace sign (another flashback) and his graduation year on the other side. He chose the Red garnet due to it being his signature color and felt happy with his choices. He does not like his birthstone (Nov) my advice was ignored *again*. Within 8 weeks final payment was due and he had the ring come early morning one day.

Then the evil sensory issue popped. He's never had issues wearing 'rings'...I have a picture of him when he went through his "wear one on every finger" stage. But...these are measured to have some play and tight enough to just go over the knuckle. He came home that day with the ring squished on his index finger instead of his ring finger. He looked as if he was going to raise it in the air and yell, "By the power of Grey Skull...." like He-man would. I explained it might swell...and then have a no avail. As I thought about the problem I realized it was probably a new sensation...that looseness on the finger. Being a sensory was probably tickling him. Thoughts of resizing went through my head. Nope...we'll have to get used to it, somehow!

The next morning he woke up with the index finger swollen and the ring cramped firmly on it. We managed to get it off....but I think it 'clicked' about the issue with wearing it there. He agreed to wear it on his ring finger and give it a week (to get used to it). IT WORKED! *yay*

As you can see by the picture....Mr M is QUITE the bling-boy to start with. He LOVES 'decorating' himself. He always has at least two watches, an autism band and sometimes his wizards necklace. So proudly he wears his school ring...just a bit more FLASH for my guy! :)

just hope he doesn't want piercings!