Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Drama King lives again

I don't see my post made a week or so ago...but had to at least update this one (been awhile eh?)
Mr M is again in the community theatre play this year. Last year was his first year...I had my doubts, but was pleasantly surprised how well he coped with all the issues.

My only regret was at the end of the year cast party (which I volunteered to help with) I was pulled into a conversation by a 'person' who works with this theatre company...she also works at his school in the drama department. The other mother and I were cleaning up after the cast party and was asked, "Did you guys see that crazy kid...***** (insert my kids name) and all his stupid antics? He was falling all over the place and in the last set I saw his @$$ crack all the way from the tech booth!" *I look at M (the other mother) and didn't say anything* She was looking at me as if to say..."say something!". My biggest fear was that if I announced I was Mr M's Mom that she would, in her supreme foulmouthing...say something to him. What I wanted to say was...

"Lady? *used loosely* Do you have ANY idea of how difficult it was for my son to interact with all these kids, to take and follow directions from the directors....to perform "6" shows in front of live audiences?"

But I held back...and shrugged and walked away. If she's going to DISS off children in that manner I have nothing to say to such ppl. She might want to find out who's who before doing it to another parent though. I cried all the way home (my reaction instead of anger...always). Mr M asked what was up....I told him I was just so happy for him and proud of him. He was fine with that answer.

The only problem last year was the director telling the kids it was ok to 'ad-lib' a bit during the shows. Mr M took this and ran with it. Instead of 'stumbling' once (as he was suppose to do)...he turned it into several by the end of the play. And NO his butt crack was NOT showing...ever. I went to EVER performance. He had on a belt so tight that the beige knickers he was wearing was cutting off his circulation at the waist! He also had issues with getting to OCD over things....wanted the directors time alot to ask questions. Many many questions. Typical for the autistic kids....and I did make the directors aware of his disability towards the middle of the play practices so that they could better understand his need for clarity. They were surprised and delighted to have him in their show.

This year is a new show....and he has a few parts as well as the ones with the other kids (dance and song numbers). So far, he's having some difficulty again with the 'clarity' issues. I've noticed he's not really WITH all the kids when they are practicing but keeps himself isolated pretty much. His 'acting'....very much improved and he's speaking very clearly and with good tone and volume this year. *yippee!* Practices are slow right now but by early May they will pick up to 3-4 times a week plus Saturdays. Mr M is excited to be in the production this year.... and is looking forward to the actual show (versus sitting in practices waiting your turn). Oh yea...him do the Charleston is a real gut buster to watch too!

School is over the end of May here...Sophomore year goodbye...get ready to be a Junior *gulp* Not sure if I'm ready for this one....it puts it closer to the final homestretch!