Friday, October 10, 2008

Frugal frugal is TOO frugal?

Ok...I'm being 'frugal' with my time and importing blogs....I have too many too keep up! So in all fairness...if you missed one here (or don't see a ref. post) it's probably somewhere else. I apologize.

Last Friday I posted about the site A Full cup a favorite coupon site of mine. I've learned alot and continue to learn something new everyday. Keep in mind when considering sites like these...use it for what 'works for you'. Pick and choose how you use the site, its recommendations and how much time you have to invest in couponing. (I'm a bear of very lil I keep is simple!)

On Oct 8th, Oprah had an entire show dedicated to 'frugal living'. I normally don't watch her show *for many reasons* but tuned in specifically to see what she came up with. The Coupon Mom segment was of particular interest to me (being the beginner I am). The 'Frugalist family in America' thing kinda freaked me out a well as the two ladies who traded furniture *yikes*. I did find it interesting about the lady from Baltimore (my old stomping grounds) who unplugged all unused appliances etc to save...OMIGOSH..she got her electric bill way down! Years ago I bought a book via the employee book sale at Doubleday Book Club called 'The Complete Tightwad Gazette" by Amy Dacyczyn aka the Frugal Zealot. Some of the 'tips' were actually pretty good......others I would have to be on my last leg to consider *ie...saving by only flushing the toilet at certain times* OIY! suggestion on how to save wax paper from cereal boxes and reusing it (ok...when was the last time YOU used wax paper?) My point...I'm not an extremist...I'm just interested in saving what I can...where I can. It's my SMALL contribution to my family.

So...I signed up and joined at and printed off my first LOAD of coupons. The tips and hints they break down over on the Coupon Mom's site are not only useful but also give you an idea of what the average savings can be on a normal weekly grocery bill. The whole Oprah show reminded us to re-think how we spend, what is MUST HAVE, what is WANT and living within our own means. I AM proud to say that we don't use credit cards. Period. With Debit cards so widely accepted as credit cards we haven't had the need. We don't have car payments....we drive UGLY cars (yep...the shame gets me every once in a while) but hey....I just refocus my thinking on the money we save. I'm lucky too in the fact my DH is the greatest mechanic. We have a wonderful 'working' relationship.....I break it...he fixes it! :P *its a love thing* I know there are things we can still do....but this whole mindset takes time. I guess that's my point...we are a society of 'needy' will take time to rethink our buying and spending habits. One small giant penny at a time.

Tip of the day: I throw a dry towel in with every load of laundry when helps speed up the drying time. *no...I don't make items from the left over dry lint...its way too close to navel lint in my book!* :)

Have a great Friday!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

News for Kids

Mr M this year has to have a 'current events' item every day....which has been a constant struggle considering his understanding of 'todays' events. He doesn't think on a 15 going on 16 year old level....he's more like 8-9 years old in most ways. Finding an 'appropriate' article in the paper has become a challenge. Some of the ones I found were the polar bear from China who swam in a pond filled with algae...making him turn green. MN largest pumpkin winner. Simple article on kids voting for the next president at the Mall of America this weekend. You get the idea...simply written articles that do NOT predict the 'end of the world' as we know it. Most of the ones I DID find had pictures. His 'visual learning' style demands something to connect the text to....again....another issue when it comes to finding an appropriate news article.

I went online in search of current events for kids. Most online articles are older...and I'm not sure his teacher would consider them 'current events'. In a way this whole homework assignment has me thinking what a gloom and doom kinda world we live in. Sorry, I thought that for many years trying to watch the news before bed *something I don't do anymore*. Who can sleep after watching the first 10 minutes of the news headlines at night? Have you ever counted how many 'nice' articles there are in the daily paper? *not me* NO...I don't expect the important issues to be ignored....but can no one find something GOOD in people to write about? ~ok..rant over...kicks the soap box away~ LOL!

Anyway....anyone have an idea where I can find CURRENT events articles that my son could print out? Something on the elementary/middle school age reading level. He has reading comprehension issues as well as Autism. His understanding of the world is not always age appropriate....and his exposure is limited due to his social skills.

btw..HIS favorite article so far this year...the one where they surveyed kids and it said 97% of boys played video games LOL! *of course he loved the idea...then kids are MORE like him!* :)

If he doesn't bring something every day his grade decreases...*sighs*

Des... the desperate newsworthy Mom

Monday, October 6, 2008

Projects, Plungers and Pocket Gophers

Not much going on here lately....other than continued work on 'summer' projects not yet completed. I still have things that have to be done before the cold sets in. Amazing how quickly Fall flies by!

What does the title have to do with anything? NOT much! Other than the projects, we were treated to a reminder of another project on the 'to do' list. Our upstairs bathroom has carpet (NOT that we put it in)...but it needs to be taken up and tiled. We proved this more time, this past week. Mr M *aka TP KING* clogged the toilet while I was at work (he had half a day that day). He took it upon himself (which TOTALLY surprised me) to plunge it. Course....he waited till AFTER the 3 'flush' to try. Water and *mess* all over the bathroom....soaked into the carpet and came through the ceiling downstairs. OH my what a smell..what a mess. My advice to him was to tell an adult as soon as it 'doesn't flush'. He said, "what about if I can't find one of you?" I said, "put a note on it...'do not use!' " I also tried to talk to him about the amt of TP he uses....which is kinda useless with his OCD issues. But hey...a girls gotta try! Then, I had this bizarre thought about that Seinfeld episode..."can you spare a square"..... and I dropped the thought due to my own humor running rampant.

Pocket Gophers...anyone seen one before? UGGGGGGGGGLY...and kinda creepy scary! The King found one on our doorstep this past weekend. He got the hose and tried to 'convince' it to sassed him (teeth baring). I stayed inside...and watch the antics from the safety of inside, thank you. Anything that 'give you sass with teeth' is NOT going to be photographed by moi! *I'm silly..not stupid!* Just hoping it stays away....guess he's trying to find a cozy spot for winter? ~puts up No vacancy sign~

Work is going well...although I'm duly convinced you cannot please all people all the time! Many complaints when our company puts out new holiday cards....had complaints THIS week cause we don't have Thanksgiving out yet. *sighs* Oh well...Thanksgiving change-over comes with a Christmas preview...that ought to piss off a few dozen per day. :)

Got my new drivers license with my 'new' name....OIY...the photo is the worst I've ever taken (they took it again...for a simple name change?) Mr R says it looks like my hairline is receding...*gasp* Oh well...I like my married name...the picture is just something I'll have to live with (for at least a expires next year).

Project this week...more paperwork. *hows that ever get done?*