Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September Thoughts

Well...we're back to school for Mr M. He's a junior this year and hoping this year goes smoothly is always on our minds come September. He's got a few 'major' classes this year and we have to wait and see how it goes with his reading comprehension issues. He's already come home stressed about the 'dissection' part of biology (which doesn't actually come till mid year). I told him we'll wait and deal with that when the time comes. Email arrived the other morning from his sp ed case manager...' needs to understand he MIGHT have homework to bring home' type message. Mr M has always done his homework in Study skills due to the fact he mentally shuts down at 3pm. For the last 3 years I've told the school that should he ever get a pile of homework it would be difficult for him to 'accept' the idea of taking it home. DUH. Anything outside his 'norm' is going to cause problems. All I can do is tell him and hope he brings it home. Mr M has a unique way of saying things...always has....but what the school doesn't get is he's not trying to be 'smart' or 'sassy'...he's just being truthful and blunt. His reply to them telling him that he may have homework to bring home is..."I don't bring homework home". Just a fact (in Mr M's mind)....not defiant...just fact. Oh well...don't think they will ever 'get' his way of communicating.

Mr R is still working...and doing well. Still working on the 'driving' and hoping to take his driving test soon. Things we didn't count on (but should have) is his executive function skills issue playing into driving. The whole...planning and thinking part of driving is causing a bit of concern. Naturally as we come to a stop sign we THINK...gee....coming up on the stop sign....should apply the brake....ok....start braking...etc etc. This is a bit...sticky with him. He kinda comes up on it fast and then tries to brake. Geeeez...somedays I need a stiff one just to be in the car with him (JOKE!) LOL! Oh well...we'll keep practicing and prompting.

Summer flew by...and now the leaves are beginning to turn and the mornings are filled with dew and fog. The pic above is one I took a while back in the early morning. Love the smell of the morning....pretty soon it will be too cold to take those walks. *sighs* Oh well....enjoy while we can right?

DES and the crew

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